About Us

The Modernization of a Secular Industry

The FAROPEIXE is a company specialized in the production and marketing of pâtés and canned fish that takes the legacy of a secular industry heritage of the fishing community of Olhão.
Its privileged location, next to Olhão Fishing Port, guarantees access to fish and seafood in excellent unique freshness conditions, allowing for fast handling, thus avoiding a lengthy process of conservation, decisive aspects for the impeccable quality of our products. These products are marketed in several formats for easy opening of packaging, colorful and attractive appearance.
The FAROPEIXE reconciles, so tradition with modernity while preserving traditional methods of production, innovation in manufacturing processes. The presence in the most demanding international markets, expressed recognition for the quality of pâtés and preserves the company.

Fides in Present

Recently, FAROPEIXE allied itself to the descendants of the old cannery NERO (1912-1989), to produce and distribute the centennial marks the canning extinct, not forgetting to innovate with never previously produced references.


A rigorous quality control throughout the production cycle, respecting the highest standards and European directives food and industrial sector, sterilization at high temperatures in order to guarantee a long shelf life and conservation at room temperature, allow the FAROPEIXE the marketing of high quality and unique flavor pâtés.

Food security and environmental sustainability

Food security and environmental sustainability are aspects that the FAROPEIXE attaches particular importance, making the one hand, microbiological analyzes in certified laboratories and on the other, ensuring that your responsible activity does not affect the sustainability of fish stocks that make up the basis for their production.


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