FIDES is the reference brand of the company Faropeixe. It is a recognized brand in our country and with more and more consumers across borders. The FIDES brand produces the most varied fish patés, from sardines, mackerel, tuna, smoked salmon and cod. Patés recognized for their quality, colorful and attractive aspect, always maintaining the original fish flavor. Its composition is entirely free of dyes and preservatives. From this extensive range are also canned sardines and mackerel accompanied by the most diverse sauces.

With an image inspired by Modernist Art, it began to be produced by Conserveira Nero in 1912. In 1930 it was awarded the silver medal at the Setúbal Regional Exhibition.

Launched in 1888 by Companhia Nacional de Conservas, it was produced by the former Conserveira Nero, from 1912 onwards. It is one of the oldest preserved brands, maintaining the same image with a Victorian type font.

The Naval brand belonged to the old distributor P. Martins, located in the street of S. Julião nº. 7 in Lisbon. From its founding in the 1930s until its extinction in the 1990s, this distributor, founded by the then very young Paulino Martins, had its own brands, including Naval, with the aim of marketing canned fish of the highest quality. This objective was quickly achieved, given the criterion it imposed on the factories which carried out the production, including the old cannery Nero. The Açor brand is represented by an image inspired by cubism. Currently the brand is developed by FAROPEIXE.

The Açor brand, just as Naval belonged to the old distributor P. Martins. The brand Açor is represented by an image inspired by Art Deco. Currently the brand is developed by FAROPEIXE.

The Companhia de Pescarias do Algarve, SA. (CPA), was founded in 1835 with the aim of developing fishing activity in the Algarve region. Having started its activity with fishing boats, it installed a tuna frame in the year 1838 (rudimentary against the current technology) and developed, in partnership, other tuna structures, also in the Algarve. The Company is probably one of the oldest fish companies in the world, with a strong tradition and a unique history of linking man to the sea. The CPA is responsible for preserving and transmitting this valuable historical legacy to the next generations. Over the years and due to the reduction of the passage of tunas in our waters the company redefined its strategy by expanding its activity to the production of offshore bivalves. In 2015, the range of fish preserves and pates from the Algarve Fisheries was launched, using only fish and shellfish caught in the Algarve. A wide range of high quality products.

The image of this brand was based on a poster of the end of years 50, published by SNI - National Secretariat of Information. This body was intended to promote tourism and Portuguese products.


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